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Datchworth Tennis Club - June 2014

June 2014

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JUNE 2014

Our courts are now finished and back in full play, all activities are up and running and on our own courts!

Members, visiting teams, all users and local residents have all been very impressed with the final results; our thanks to EHCC for their assistance in providing a grant to cover the final monies required and to SportsCourts for doing a great job.

The first players to use the courts were a group of lads, Calum, Solomon, Archie and Terry; followed by a Sam, Steve, Maggie and Son George. The new courts brought success, to Datchworth, for the first match to be played upon them, the Ladies Orchard League Datchworth winning 6 – 2 against Orchard. They have now completed their matches for this season.


The Datchworth League is well under way. Our third and second teams playing in Division 9B and 7A are both in third place in their respective divisions, 9B and 7A, our first team at present in 6th place, division 4B with a game in hand.                                                                                                                                                           Full details of up-to-date division tables can be found on the very good web site :- www.datchworth.net

If wishing to play in matches please contact Malcolm Acres 07887776215

Club matches are also in progress. Finals should take place in July.


Taster session for the Cubs run by Jenny and Fran, this was to give them all the experience of playing tennis; there were some familiar faces amongst the players in the group but many new to the game.  

After warming up activities with the additional help of Sam and Stephen Larke and Annabelle Bullock, plus a couple of Dads all the lads had the opportunity for some individual attention. The evening ended with a game of Wipe Out – greatly enjoyed by all.

Explorers. Early next month we will be running another Taster session for the Explorers.

We will be running further Taster sessions and some Holiday coaching so look out for posters and dates.


Open Day on Saturday 21st June We had a good turn-out for our 40 children participating, but we do need to target the teenage players, and improve numbers there; some more did appear on court when we had finished!!  They missed out on testing their skills on the ball machine and a very good game of Wipe Out


American Tournament June has proved to be a very busy month for the Village, the Village Fete, Open Gardens and our own Open Tennis Day, the Datchworth League matches are on and also the internal Club matches so it has been agreed to defer our American Tournament until September.


Saturday Family Tennis  this continues every Saturday from 9.30 – 11.00am. Free to members and non members so come along and bring your friends.

Any queries please contact:     

Contacts: Fran 07902452330  or email franattrill@gmail.com            Jenny 07903685481