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Datchworth Tennis Club - AGM 2013

AGM 2013 Minutes

Datchworth Tennis Club

MINUTES OF AGM -- Thursday 18th April  2013.

        1.       Present

Anna Pertoldi. Anne Lloyd, Chris Tuck, Debbie Hall, Dermot Burke, Fran Attrill,  Gail Whiting, Jenny Larke,  Malcolm Acres,  Mike West, Nick Kleanthous, Steve Hunt, Vicky McNaught

2.       Apologies for absence

Clare Attfield, Elvira Kind, Jessie Little, Judith , Sharon Wells, Viv Poutney, Mary Hallam.

 3.       Approval of Minutes of AGM of 9th March 2012


 4.       Treasurer’s Report


 5.       Membership Report

Total of 77 members. Juniors up 24%. Graph depicts number of members, locations etc.

Need to attract new members, hopefully  our website will assist in this.

        6.       Chairman’s Report


        7.       Match Fixtures [Malcolm reports]

The 2012 / 13 programme of league matches has once again proved successful with more matches won than lost. In the Summer Datchworth League both our teams won promotion to higher divisions. The 1st Team (Debbie, Steve & Ray) came second in Division 4B and our 2nd Team (Anna, Dermot, Chris and Malcolm) came 2nd in Division 7A.   Both teams look forward to the stronger challenges ahead in the higher divisions.  We enter one team in the Datchworth Autumn League and we finished mid-table in Division 5. In these matches Vicky and Paul joined us to help consolidate our position in Division 5.

The past year was an historic year for the club, as we entered, for the first time, one team in the Herts Men’s Vets Over 55’s League.  (Ray, Dermot, Chris, Malcolm and young Steve). We have played 4 matches with 3 wins and one draw and are currently 2nd in our division. Two more matches are due to be played in the next few weeks and we are hopeful of maintaining 2nd place in the league.  For a small village club, we have performed well above expectations against much larger clubs in Hertfordshire, eg Letchworth, Townsend, Hoddesdon.  

We entered one team in the East Herts Winter Mixed Doubles League.  We have drawn 3 and lost 2 of our 5 matches.  Again Vicky and Paul have played in these matches and are valuable additions to our squad of league players. We are mid-table in our Division 5b.

 Anna reported re. Ladies Orchard League., they have gained promotion now in Division 5. More ladies now playing and enjoying the games plus social side.

2012 Club Championship.  Winners were Debbie LS; Nick MS; Jenny & Viv LD; Steve Hunt & Dermot MD; Debbie & Chris MXD

 8.       Youth Report                                                                                                                                                                            
Junior Coaching Programme   
As well as the family coaching session on a Saturday morning the following junior coaching takes place at Datchworth. During the winter we utilised the Village hall for the youngest and hired floodlit courts at Gosling Sports Park for the older group. The middle group braved it out at Datchworth.  
Mini red Under 8  coaching – 6 children (4 boys 2 girls) regularly attending Tuesdays 3.30 to 4.30pm.  Jenny runs a separate group with 6 attending at the village school as an after school club on a Friday.         
Green mini 8 to 11 yrs coaching – 6 juniors (all boys) attend Thursdays 3.30 to 4.30pm. (We have had up to 10 in this group but this term 4 have dropped out to do cricket.)The boys participated in The Herts Winter Mini Green League for the first time this year. The opposition was very strong but the experience was good for their tennis development.                                                                                            
Junior Coaching (12yrs+) – 8 players (all boys) attend the 5pm to 6pm session on Tuesdays. A friendly match was arranged with Watton at Stone.                                    

        9.       Adult Coaching 5 ladies have been attending the Thursday morning session throughout winter, weather permitting

Fixing of Subscriptions for 2013

Adult                                                            £80 

Elder [over 60]                                           £75

Junior [12 – 18]  &  Students                  £45

Junior [7 -12]                                              £35

Under 7years                                               £30

These fees include membership of Datchworth Sports Club [£30]  We are a member of the LTA and members are entitled to a free membership of the BTA. Datchworth Tennis Club is affiliated to the LTA, hence members are entitled to join British Tennis for free of charge.


Chris Tuck    Tennis  Membership       07432127842               playtennis@datchworthtennis.com 

Fran Attrill    Secretary                          07902 452330              franattrill@gmail.com

 11.   Election of Officers

Chris Tuck [Membership] and Steve Hunt [Youth Training]  co – opted on to committee – approved.

All others agreed to stay on agreed to stay on Nick Kleanthous [Chairman / treasurer] Fran Attrill [Secretary /  Child Protection] Jenny Larke and  Anna Pertoldi.

         12.   Fundraising / Social

May 10th Quiz

6/7th July Club House Wimbledon on large screen.

2013 Club Tournament finals 7th July and weekend 20/21st July [tbc]

Open day.

Junior Tournament [Date TBC] 
Christmas Dinner Thursday 5th December at Papillion, Stapleford.

Various ideas were put forward for fund raising that will need to be discussed in further detail.

13.Wimbledon Draw in order of names withdrawn: Clare Attfield; Jenny Larke; Jonathan Brilius; Calum O’Connor;  Sandra Wallace; Rob Gymer; Alex Wells. [Reserves Mary Hallam; Joshua Martheze.]                                                                  

AOB: Courts: The courts were deep cleaned early in 2012 but the weather has not been kind so we are looking at having them resurfaced later this year or in 2014